Sunday, June 24, 2007

New chairs for the waterpark

The season is in full swing and chairs are being abused. And that is just from normal use. When the summer is over and the chairs are being put away, it will become clear that you will need new ones for next season. When that happens, consider not buying them. Keep your capital budget for something else. Talk to us about how you can rent chairs, generate revenue from some of them and cover the rental cost. We can show you how your chairs won't cost you a thing. And, they will be covered by a warranty second to none in the industry. Everything fully replaced during the life of the rental agreement. This is the newest and greatest program in the waterpark industry. Call us today to learn more.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The new season is upon us. Waterparks are in full swing and greeting guests. MacPatrick Products and the Lounge Lokr wish all waterparks the very best and safest summer. Splish splash have a blast sliding, swimming and much much more!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Waterpark Revenue Generator

The Lounge Lokr is to the waterpark as much as water is. Park operators can now add a new revenue source while making the park more user friendly. In today's world of IPods, cell phones, expensive suntan lotion and sunglasses the Lounge Lokr has become a necessity. Guests don't want to be bothered to store items in the wall locker at the front of the park, they want them at their side. Also, when the park fills and the chairs are all taken, they want to ensure they have the use of one all day. With the addition of the Lounge Lokr, you solve both problems. The Lounge Lokr is affixed to the chair and it is numbered. Guests check the key out and have their own personal chair for their entire stay. They leave the chair to explore the park, lock personal items up and return happy.